I’m Erin. I live with my husband, our three kids and our chaotic gaggle of household pets in northern BC, Canada. I’m a crafter, hobbyist photographer and fledgeling home chef. (Sounds better than frequently overwhelmed stay-at-home mom with too many hobbies who has developed a burgeoning love affair with her kitchen…)

I want to be up front: I am not a foodie. 

A food lover? Yes. An epicurean enigma? Not so much. Comfort foodie (as my sister once called me) is accurate; comfort foods and I are very close. Mashed potatoes and a hunk of roasted meat? SOULMATES. Warm slab of pie and some vanilla ice cream? SOLD. I’m sure you can see where we’re going here. In addition to my love affair will all of the comforting comfort foods (mmmmm, potatoes), I also have unwholesome relationships with cookies, pies, and homemade jams. Culinary polygamy at its finest.

ANYWAY. I’ve started this blog to document and share my adventures as my kitchen and I become reacquainted. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes!

xoxo E