Garden Chatter I


Tulips are always the first to peek through the soil in the spring. We’re seeing some greenery coming up now from the day lilies and a few hostas starting to perk up; the lilacs are just about to burst into bloom and the last of the flowers on my russian almond are just starting to fade.


I know that spring has really started to…well, spring when my ornamental plum starts to flower. The tree is right outside our living room window, and I could spend days just smelling the blossoms. Such a sweet, warm scent. It’s almost always bursting with bees the first few days; like they’ve been waiting just as eagerly as I have for the tree to shed its winter dormancy and open up for a new season. 


It’s done very well the last few years. It always brings a smile to my face and though it doesn’t bloom for an exceptionally long time, I always make a point to enjoy it when it does. I brought some cuttings inside this year to spread the love because I’ll always remember how, shortly after I bought it–in full bloom!–we got two inches of May snow and all the blossoms ended up on the ground outside of our gate. A reminder to always take time to enjoy the little things, I guess? Hah! 

This year, I’m finally stepping outside my comfort zone and making an attempt at vegetable gardening. I’m in the process of getting some raised beds put in in our backyard, with some seedlings and seed packages waiting for their home. Another couple of weeks and we should be in the clear to start getting things planted outside (making sure to avoid the snow issue my plum tree had), and I can’t wait. 



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