A Quick Update!

Hey, guys!

Just wanted to pop in a post a bit of an update, so no one thinks that I’ve just up and disappeared off the face of the earth. 

I started doing some work for the temp work in May and the last couple of months it’s eaten up a lot of my–typically–free time. I was supposed to be finishing up in the next couple of weeks and I was really looking forward to being able to spend more time focusing on the blog; I was especially excited because canning season is upon us! We’ve had cherries and peaches and salsa-goods coming up to town from the Okanagan by the case-load and I was all set to start working on some preserving content, starting with some gorgeous cherries I planned to can this week. 

And then I fractured my ankle on Sunday. (Insert ALL THE SADNESS.) I’m non-weight bearing for at least four weeks, so I’m on crutches and still trying to figure out how to make being in the kitchen and cooking even remotely possible. (Should I get a stool and just kneel my bad leg on it? Fashion myself a peg leg? HOW DO YOU DO IT? I’m open to suggestions, here!) In the meantime, I do have some things photographed that I just need to get edited and written up–so I’m not totally in the dark, so to speak–but if you were wondering what was up…well, there it is. 

Unfortunately, this also put my veggie garden plans for this summer entirely to bed–hah!–but I’m going to use the summer to come up with the plans to get it all built in the fall so it’s ready next spring, so if I come up with something that isn’t entirely chicken scratch and crazy rectangles drawn on an old napkin I’ll definitely be sharing that process as well, so check back every once in awhile and we can catch up. 😉



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