Forget TGIF, TGIO(ctober)!


As summers go, 2016’s will go down in my memory our own series of unfortunate events. 

Over the two months the kids were out of school, our tally was: one fractured ankle, one broken front tooth–followed by one hefty emergency dentist’s bill, one fire alarm pulled at the dinosaur museum, half a million mild colds, family members in the hospital, one broken leg and the loss of one of our cats. 

I feel like we’re finally coming out from under the clouds, though. Casts are all taken off, teeth are in good repair and the grief of losing a beloved pet–while still present–is starting to ease. I’ve been going through some of the photos that I took earlier this year and taking the joy from the little things. I had meant to share these with you guys ages ago, but I never quite made it that far. 







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